Media Access & Production (eMAP)


I appreciated your patience in making all of the editing changes after so many conversations over the phone and for making everything turn out so well. I once again want to thank you very much for your professional work.

Dean Kolbinson
on Joanne Crawford’s post-production editing of the Oral Soft Tissue Exam Video

Convocation Videos

All convocation videos have been added to the U of S YouTube channel.

Fall Convocation 2013
Spring Convocation 2013
Fall Convocation 2012
Spring Convocation 2012
Fall Convocation 2011
Spring Convocation 2011
Fall Convocation 2010
Spring Convocation 2010
Fall Convocation 2009
Spring Convocation 2009
Fall Convocation 2008
Spring Convocation 2008
Fall Convocation 2007
Spring Convocation 2007
Fall Convocation 2006
Spring Convocation 2006
Aboriginal Convocation 2006
Fall Convocation 2005